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Robocam has been in business since 2003, we are an experienced security company providing  surveillance installations for businesses,  residential homes and industrial locations for the needs of all CCTV, Audio, Hidden cameras, Video, Plasma TV Installation, Phone lines.

We offer complete line of low voltage wiring services. From data cabling to 70 volt speaker systems, we are your one stop integrated solutions provider.

Low Voltage Cableing

You Buy & We Install

Although this is not our preferred equipment for homes/business we understand that everybody's budgets are different and sometimes it just makes sense to get the Lorex, Swann etc… Systems from your local electronic or membership warehouse.  WE CAN install your box store system. We can use all the equipment that comes with your system but we recommend you purchase the Cable, the Power Supply, and all the accessories from us to make your install a success from the beginning.  All Installations come with a 90 day Warranty.

Maintenance Agreement

We offer Service & Maintenance Monthly, Bi Monthly, or Quarterly.

Service, Troubleshooting, & Repair

Whether you need some camera cleaning from a heavy rain or extensive network assistance getting your cameras to work with today's fast changing technology.

What’s the difference between wired and wireless?

From a professional standpoint Wireless cameras tend to be a simple, low cost, quick, and temporary solution for people trying to secure their goods. We have experience building Secure Outdoor Wifi Networks to run hardwired IP Cameras with exceptional reliability and substantially less labor.


A wireless CCTV can be portable and sometimes less expensive, but they can be less reliable as the transmitted frequency can be easily interrupted.


A wired CCTV system includes either an analog or network cable to directly connect and transmit video across the system circuit elements; these elements being surveillance cameras, display cameras, recording devices, etc.

We understand that each individual is on a unique budget.  If you decide you’d like to provide the cameras and DVR, we can provide security camera installation for your box store system as well.