Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What’s your Warranty policy?

All equipment and parts have a 1 year warranty.  (we can only warranty products that are purchased from Robocam)

Labor/Installation 90 day warranty


Do you Installation only if we purchase our own equipment?

Although this is not our preferred equipment for homes/business we understand that everybody's budgets are different and sometimes it just makes sense to get the Lorex, Swann etc … Systems from your local electronic or membership warehouse.  WE CAN install your box store system. We can use all the equipment that comes with your system but we recommend you purchase the Cable, the Power Supply, and all the accessories from us to make your install a success from the beginning.  All Installations come with a 90 day Warranty

Do you offer free estimates?

We can give you a free estimate over the phone and a final written estimate can only be provided after a physical inspection of the location as many factors can affect the price.  (Example: Attic access, trenching, conduit, 2nd story, scissor lift rental etc...)